Just 3 brothers with $0. We sold our 1st shirt through pre-sale and we didn't even have the shirts made yet. We walked around with a design on our phone trying to convince whoever would listen to buy a shirt, they would get in 2 to 3 weeks. Who knew that one day we would be in a 3600 sq. ft. facility with employees? This a testament that prayer, hard work and little bit of crazy pays off! You just have to keep the faith. #WalkByFaith #ToGodBeTheGlory




Reborn Kings is a lifestyle clothing brand that represents a Christian world view. To dwell on this earth as kings and queens through the reborn life. The designs and iconography showcase biblical themes through a streetwear lens. 

Reborn Kings is a brand for those who are not ashamed of their beliefs or convictions. For those who are not afraid to stand against the new wave of attempts to silence the Christian. For every believer who wants HIS voice to be heard.